Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have always had a sense of humor—anyone that's seen the pair's often outlandish videos can attest to that—but the two are branching out with their latest project. In a new video posted to Lewis' YouTube account, the Seattle rapper and producer make a prank phone call to an unsuspecting scalper looking to unload tickets to one of his shows. If you've ever wanted to see Macklemore get his Crank Yankers on, here's you chance.

Judging from the video, Macklemore obviously has some prank call experience. He's got the all the moves: the accents, the exaggerated tone, the "pull-the-phone-away-from-your-face-as-you-giggle" gesture. He also calls himself a "two-hit wonder" at one point and generally goofs on his own image throughout the call. "I've heard some poo-poo reviews myself," says Macklemore in the clip. "So I'm not exactly sure I want to spend my hard-earned cash on the man."

Despite the self-deprecating comments found in the clip, Macklemore should be riding high right about now. He was just nominated for six American Music Awards, which should add to his VMA haul. Watch the clip of Macklemore pranking a scalper above.

[via Gawker]