Lupe Fiasco Disses Childish Gambino On Twitter

Lupe Fiasco

Do Childish Gambino and Lupe Fiasco have real beef?

Over the summer, Lupe and Gambino had a contentious exchange over Twitter, which Lupe later played off as a joke between the two rappers. However, during an appearance on Power 105.1′s The Breakfast Club yesterday, the rapper/actor contradicted Lupe’s claim that the beef wasn’t real, stating that his only response was a verbatim quote of Chief Keef’s infamous tweet aimed at Lupe during their feud a year prior. Gambino further alleged Lupe had been “sneak dissing” the actor because he wasn’t a legit street dude, unlike Chief Keef.

Today, Lupe Fiasco responded to Gambino’s claims that he was “sneak dissing” Childish in a series of tweets. According to Lupe, he doesn’t “sneak diss” at all. Instead, Lupe said he was straight up “dissing” Gambino and claimed that the rapper/actor’s accusations of Lupe’s “sneak dissing” was kind of “sneak diss,” itself. Lupe then concluded his rant with a declaration that he watches more anime than Gambino does.


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  • Infinite8

    Uh ok……. why is this important…. look @Childish Gamino hot 97 interview. Nothing else needs to be said.

  • John Groves

    How is it a sneak diss to say “Lupe Fiasco” sneak dissed me, i mean like he said his name straight up and Lupe just keep getting more unlikable as time flies by for him to even mention Childish Gambino in the first place is a sign of hate…..naw nigga you cut it out

    • Babymario26

      Looking at lupes twitter its not even a diss, lupe just trolls alot which is funny.