A few days after he dissed rapper/actor Childish Gambino on Twitter, Lupe Fiasco seemed to send a series of dismissive tweets at Drake this afternoon (October 30)."I'm not battling dizzy drake wack ass... And all 30 of you Angry Drake fans can fall on a sword FOH..," Lupe tweeted. After Lupe posted his comments, Twitter became briefly abuzz with the possibility of beef between the Chicago and Canadian rappers.

According to a representative within Lupe's camp, the Chi-Town MC was not dissing Drizzy but rather Los Angeles battle rapper Dizaster. In the past, Lupe has been known to voice his dislike of battle rappers and according to Lupe, Dizaster had provoked his comments after he called him a "pussy."

Although Lupe Fiasco's Twitter account remains locked, you can read the tweets below.