Growing up in the rough Hollygrove neighborhood of New Orleans, Lil Wayne was given an opportunity and excelled in after-school music programs that allowed him a respite from the pressures of the street. After persevering with his musical education into becoming one of the most successful rappers of all-time, Lil Wayne is giving back to kids across the country that face similar struggles within their lives.

Lil Wayne is partnering up with The Motivational Edge, a Miami-based nonprofit dedicated to  to inspiring youth towards academic achievement through relevant academic and cultural relevant arts programs such as music, to launch a crowd funded Indigogo campaign to expand Motivational Edge's program nationally. Lil Wayne and The Motivational Edge are looking to raise $200,000 to bring the more successful elements of the program to youth across the country.

"I'm here to tell you that I standby the mission of The Motivational Edge." Wayne said, explaining his reasons for participating in the campaign  "Not just because I support these kids but because I was one."

Indiegogo is an international crowd funding site that provides an opportunity for patrons to provide financial support to worthy projects. Interested parties can donate money to projects that they desire to make happen. Thus far, Lil Wayne and The Motivational Edge have raised $31,987 dollar in their quest to reach the $200,000 plateau by December 1 of this year.

You can donate to The Motivational Edge by clicking here. Watch the video above for details about the program and how you can get involved.