When the New Jersey Nets invaded NYC to become the Brooklyn Nets, owner Mikhail Prokhorov made it loud and clear—he's not here to play little brother. Creating a new look for the franchise by building a billion dollar stadium and enlisting the help of hip-hop royalty and Brooklynite Jay Z and purchasing an absolutely gigantic billboard in Manhattan with the phrase 'Blueprint for Greatness' just a block from Madison Square Garden, Prokhorov's words didn't come without any action.

Of course the Knicks, already rivals of the NJ Nets and with deep roots within New York City, didn't take things lying down. Since the Nets' arrival in Brooklyn two years ago, the crosstown rivalry has been electric, putting fans smack in the middle of a civil war. Die hard Knicks fans who suffered through years of irrelevance stayed loyal while others switched allegiance to Brooklyn. The players continually bash each other in the press whenever they can. Each move in the offseason by one team was countered by the other, simulating a game of chess, waiting for one to slip so they can capture the coveted title as the lone King of New York. So XXL asked two New York rappers about their respective teams to get their take on the rivalry. Skyzoo, a Brooklyn native, is a die hard Knicks fans who despises the Nets for not knowing their place. Troy Ave, a fellow Brooklyn native, appreciates what the New Nets team does for the City. They go head to head labeling their team's strengths, weakness, and why their team is better than the other. —Emmanuel C.M. (@ECM_LP)