To be boastful is to be hip-hop. In an effort to declare their supremacy over the common man, the common rapper is fond of making the type of brash declarations that if said amongst the polite would inevitably elicit blank stares and sarcastic guffaws. Yet when it comes to rappers, we celebrate their lack of humility. Rappers are not humble nor should they be.

Kanye is the least humble man on the block and he admits this himself. Kanye is a man that wants you to know that he thinks he is the best and it is simply an affront to his sensibility to pretend otherwise. “For me to be saying I’m not a genius, I’d be lying to you and to myself,” the rapper said in his much-talked about appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! this week.

However, Kanye seems to be making an unusual amount of audacious boasts recently (even for him). He has declared himself to be the modern equivalent of everything from subatomic particles to the gods, themselves. These claims have us wondering if Kanye is suffering from a bit of an identity crisis.

Here are the people, places and things that Kanye has been making comparisons of himself to.