Miley Cyrus isn't the only bubble-gum pop diva that has called Juicy J to give them a little street cred.

In an interview with MTV, Juicy J spoke on the the pop princess calling her to be the solo feature on her new album, Prism. Juicy appears on the song, "Dark Horse," which is reportedly inspired by the 1996 film The Craft. 

"Dr. Luke gave me a call and was like, 'Hey man, Katy Perry wants you to feature on one of her songs for her album' and I was like, 'Wow.' I couldn't believe," Juicy J told MTV. "He sent me the track over, I did the verse and like a week later he called me again and he was like, 'She wants to meet you she wants you to come to the studio.' "

Juicy J went on to elaborate that Katy Perry was a big fan of his song "Scholarship" and wanted to personally meet Juicy to record the song together for her album. During their recording session, Katy became enamored with Juicy's famous grill and the the Trippy One offered to hook Perry up with a grill of her own.

"It was great. She liked my chain and I hooked her up with my jeweler. She wanted to get some grillz, so I gave her the contact to my jeweler," Juicy said. "But it was cool."

You can watch the Juicy J's entire interview with MTV News in the video above.

[Via MTV]