Ever since his release from prison, Queens rapper Ja Rule is on an absolute media blitz in the last few weeks. Ja Rule appeared on The Wendy Williams Show on Monday to talk about how his life has changed since leaving prison. Addressing a question regarding Rule's reputation for ecstsy us, Rule revealed that he is now drug-free.m “I don’t do any drugs or anything of any nature anymore," he told Williams in his interview.

Rule also addressed his thoughts on his fellow artists potentially glorifying drug-use (especially molly) in their music and the balance that freedom of speech must strike with being a role model.

“I mean, I think sometimes it’s taken out of context. We as artists we have the right to express ourselves,” Rule said to Williams. “That is our first amendment, freedom of speech. But I also believe that we have an obligation to the youth to be somewhat responsible in what we say on records. But I think that comes with age. I think that comes with artists growing up and becoming assured of who they are as people. Then they start to realize that we are role models and they do have a responsibility.”

Also in the interview, Rule spoke on his experiences in prison, acquiring a GED and his new role in the upcoming film, I'm In Love With A Church Girl.

You can watch the entire interview in the video above.

[Via HipHopDX]