Hip-Hop Is Not Feeling The Government Shutdown


Diddy who has long been vocal about his stance in the happenings of  the government, also spoke out on the now 10 day long cessation, calling it a personal attack against our country’s president.

“I think that it’s a shame, because it’s really a personal thing,” Combs told theGrio. It’s clearly a personal attack on the president,” he continued. “I think that we live in a place where everybody should get health care. Those guys are still getting paid. It’s not affecting them. I think that it’s unfair,” the mogul continued regarding the members of Congress causing the government halt.

“Everybody deserves health care,” Diddy told theGrio. “You may not feel that way until you get affected by it. I’ve had two family members have cancer. I’ve had to be there to help them, and they’ve had to ask me for help. They’ve had to ask me for help, and tell me they had cancer at the same time. It’s just a little bit too much, you know? If you’re sick, you want to be taken care of. We live in America. I think that the Republicans and Democrats should get along and put the people before themselves.”

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  • RealTalk1000

    lol pro-Government, pro-State, pro-Status Quo rappers who want the Status quo to take more of our money and control more of our lives.

    That doesnt surprise me, same dude rapping Fight the Power had a whole radio talk show discussing Giving the State more Power and more Money.

  • thaNorthStar.com

    so stop driving on the roads & going sending kids to schools & shit like that if you don’t want to pay taxes

  • thaNorthStar.com

    attak on the president? Obama has violated the Constitution on a daily basis & has committed crimes against the US citizens & is aiding our enemies by arming terrorists/al Queda in Syria aka treason. he needs to be arrested along with most of the house & congress

    • icon kain