UPDATE: Game Confirms Signing To Cash Money Records


Cash Money Records seems to be scooping up artists of all genres, at will. Could Game be the next rapper to hop in the CM stable? It’s well known that the Compton MC is in limbo with his current label situation at Interscope. Rumor has it, Birdman might be trying to persuade him to move his chips over to Cash Money Records. A tweet from Baby could prove that things might be heading in that direction. Earlier today, the Cash Money boss tweeted, “S/O 2MY@thegame Westcoast makit Official.RICHGANG.YMCMBusine$$.” Shortly afterward, Game retweeted the statement. Could this mean Chuck Taylor is on the verge of signing with the New Orleans label? Time will tell. Stay posted for updates.

UPDATE: Game has now confirmed he has inked a deal with the house that Baby and Slim built. After our report that Game was on the verge of signing to Cash Money, the Cali MC confirmed the new deal in a tweet to Birdman. “Time to close the door on these niggas,” he directed at Baby on Twitter. Followed by, “R$CHGANG.” Chuck has also retweeted several messages wishing him well at his new label home. According to Stunna, he has also expanded from the West to the East coast. “We just sign some Great NY rappers connectin tha dots Richgang YMCMB,” he typed.


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  • 95

    Please no…cash money is becoming the biggest joke in hip hop..not a good move for game

    • I need more cowbell

      CASH MONEY……….is the best.

  • Die$el

    worddd if game signs with them thatd be fuckin epic, any people that think other then that are just plain retarded

    • I need more cowbell

      Fuck those retards!!!!!!!

  • Michelle65


    • anus mannnn

      hello! wondered what your anus tastes like? try my dick tip!

      • I need more cowbell

        yo i saw her first back off bitch

    • Andre Jones


  • Skull Boi

    the game fits right in over there why not? good move in my opinion. by the way thank you XXL for keeping us up to date with the culture.

    • I need more cowbell

      Agree but no dick riding bro………..
      thats gay

    • that dude

      Atleast Game will get radio spins now. Would rather hear him than Wayne, Drake, etc….

  • Slim Joe

    cash money will just shelve him, like they did with busta and mystikal. bad move imo

    • JC

      Nah theyll just give him a shitty single wit nicki or sum shit like they did busta. thing is game still somewhat relevant. No good music will come from this tho i cant see it happening.

      • Peso

        yall act like Game ain’t gone do what he wants when he wants that’s why he signed with Cash Money in the first place. Baby been trying to get Game over there for years now plus Baby, Slim and Wayne are his good hip-hop friends lol

        • ola

          you act like the past 2 – 3 years game has been important to anyone? he couldn’t capitalize on “bringing the west back” TDE took that place, G-Unit beef is old, and he doesn’t have any type of hits like he had on his first 2 albums…matter of fact anything Game has released dope has been a collaboration with someone

  • Gunz Mccraccin

    That nicca need to know how to spell

  • So Trill

    I been a Game fan since 2005 like most people. I cant stand any rapper from cash money other than Drake, fakest label in rap history, and now I expect every cash money rapper to be on Game’s next album. This sucks

  • nooO!

    Don’t do it!! You see what happened to Busta! Sign to YMCMB and you will be inrelevant!

  • jimmimcb

    carrear suicide

  • Peso

    Baby threw the bank at Game so it’s a good decision in my book. Game is his own man so the foolery that is Cash Money won’t effect him. Game gone get his regardless thats why I know Baby threw hella money his way.

  • Icon Kain

    A cripp sighed to a blood. That’s whats up