“Freeway” Ricky Ross Says Jay Z, Other Rappers Fabricate Their Drug Dealing Pasts


Former cocaine kingpin “Freeway” Ricky Ross’ drug dealing past is well documented. As is his beef with rapper Rick Ross for swiping his name and image. When it comes to rappers keeping it real about their drug dealing exploits, Ross says the number of MCs who have real stories to tell are few and far between. That includes Jay Z, according to Ross who recently called Hov out over his drug dealing past after reading an article on the rap mogul. “I was just reading on the airplane the other day in Vanity Fair with Jay-Z in it talking about that he sold crack,” said Ross during a recent interview with UGS’s Murda Master Music Show. “I was just reading it and it was so corny. These dudes just don’t keep it 100. They was good boys and went to school and got college degrees and somebody gave them a good job and they doin’ alright.”

Freeway later added, “These people let them go and talk to their kids and the President of the United States will invite them to the White House, but with me I did 20 years in prison and I am telling them to not sell drugs and you gotta try to make it a better way.”

Ross is currently working on a film about his life. Nick Cannon is reported to play the role of “Freeway.”

[via Complex]

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  • Brandy Copeland

    Real OG

  • boss

    nick cannon. fuck no

    • Ronald Jack

      People said the same thing about Lil mama playing Left Eye

  • Alex

    Jay-Zs more legit that the rapper Rick Ross is dude was a security guard for fucks sake.

    • Ronald Jack


  • it’s me

    I lost you at Nick cannon. wtf! How about casting Common. Nick Cannon? As far as Freeway Ricky Ross, sounds like this man is bitter cause he got caught and Jay didn’t more than anything.

    • Willis

      He didn’t get caught, he was a puppet/fall guy for the CIA to peddle cocaine to inner city Los Angeles. They knew what he was doing from the start. Caught isn’t the word, fall guy is. That right there is well documented along with his drug dealing past. Bitter is too easy of a word to fall back on to call someone.

  • TheOnlyCoop

    The thing is Jay didn’t go to college or graduate HS (he doesn’t brag about that). He down in Maryland and Va Beach making his way.

  • deteesfinest

    “It kills me when the Gods get da acting like the broads” -Drizzy

  • that dude

    Jay Z doesn’t have a college degree and actually sold crack in Trenton….I’m from Jersey, too.

    • yea

      who cares where u from, douche.

  • Trey Arline

    Ross might be debatable, but I have no doubt in my mind that Jay-Z was as big a hustler as he says he was. It’s been federally documented that he sold drugs; he stabbed someone in a nightclub for bootlegging an album of his. The shit he talks about and goes in depth with is something that only a person that sells drugs would have to know.