Eminem’s ‘Marshall Mathers LP 2′ Leaks

Eminem 3 Am

Earlier today, Eminem’s Marshall Mathers LP 2 leaked on the Internet, a little less than a week from the release date. Em’s scheduled his album to release on Tuesday, November 5. The album features Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, Nate Ruess and Skylar Grey.

Just this week, Slim Shady release his highly anticipated single with Rihanna “The Monster.” XXL had the opportunity to sit down with the songs’ co-writer Jon Bellion. We also talked to one of hip-hop’s icons, Kool Keith, on his thoughts of being shouted out on the record. Eminem will also be participating in a question and answer session with fans on November 4, the day before his album Marshal Mathers LP 2 hits shelves, on SiriusXM for a “SiriusXM’s Town Hall with Eminem,” moderated by Shade45′s Sway In The Morning host, Sway Calloway.

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  • Peso

    of course it leaked and will still gone go damn near Plat. when it drops. I just hope this joint goes back to that lyrical monster he was on his first 3 albums. The title gives me hope but 1 things is for sure…it wont be wack. Relapse and Recovery where dope but the earlier Em was classic and timeless, check the resume. Funny thing is this is all coming from Jay Z #1 fan but at the end of the day I’m a real Hip Hop aficionado

    • Carlos Mythos Vazquez

      It’ll go way more than Plat. I think this album is better than Recovery and that album sold 10 million in one year.

      • Peso

        I was only speaking on first week sales but I feel you…Em does numbers regardless similar to what Pac would have done if he was living.

      • Shaun Carter

        Recovery only sold 4.5 million according to SoundScan. I think MMLP2 will definitely outsell that.

        • Carlos Mythos Vazquez

          That’s in the United States alone. Eminem has always sold more albums around the world than here in the U.S.

  • Zac Cayon

    Em did an awesome job of giving us a feel of the old Em. Shots at celebs, the violent, controversial, fun, vulgar Shady we all know and love is back on this album. But as well as that is the ever present Eminem giving us the ultra deep, introspective tracks you would expect on a classic Em album. I will not listen to this more than once before I receive my $160 bundle in the mail to make sure it’s all new to me yet. Definitely exceeded my expectations.

  • Tyler Durden

    MM2 was awful… Em needs to retire !!!

    • Alex Lee

      yo man fuck you if you don’t like Em than fuck off I admit that the MMLP is the best album in hip hop history and MMLP2 might not live up to it but it is a “revisitation” to the MMLP as he said before so its a stepping stone into getting back to the old Em if you don’t like the album FUCK OFF cause your fucking with the Rap God here

      • Tyler Durden

        UMAD BRO ???

        • Alex Lee

          And you sound like an asshole that failed miserably in life and is angry at everything. Stop criticizing and if you really want to do so go release a fucking record by yourself

  • jwil32101

    Album is tight! Worthy of its title that’s for sure. Em is the best rapper out and must be in the conversation as best ever! He isn’t some cookie cutter rapper that are all too present these days…a lyrical genius!!! No hip hop artist can come close to him! Rap God is insane! Brainless, Asshole, The Monster, Legacy, Headlights, and Stronger Than I Was are tight. He even talks about rippin his mom on previous songs and how he hates being estranged from her and that hes sorry for taking it so far on Headlights. Best album of the year!

  • ka kid1

    been Bangin this whole album brought me back 2 my frshman year of highschool.lmao…..almost time 2 put that dope ass pusha album down until this drops in stores deff wrth my $ thank u EM.

  • Ben Hart

    What an album. I was completely blown away by this. Eminem is such a genius and we owe him so much for working his ass off and giving us this masterpiece. This is way better than “Recovery” and I actually enjoyed “Recovery”.

    This album has so many references to the original album. Hell, the first song is a direct, devilish, sequel to “Stan” and it’s followed by a wild skit that picks exactly where the bank robbery skit in “Criminal” left off. The rest of the album features magnificent wordplay and the sheer power of his rhyming is astounding. The songs are as dark as they are introspective and I adored this album. He’s littered it with raunchy material, ranging from liberal uses of homophobic lyrics, profane remarks, and an entire track (all 5 minutes) dedicated to misogyny, and it’s brilliant hypocrisy at its greatest, as Eminem himself admits.

    The album is a roller-coaster ride where he once again tackles the issues of his prevailing fame, calls out other artists, and just has so much fun with this album. Every track is unique in its own way and loaded with lines that are sure to be repeated for months to come. The final track “Evil Twin” is perhaps the biggest throwback of all, as it is composed of six minutes of Eminem and his alter ego Slim Shady engaged in deep conversation and addressing the world. Pure genius.

    I was very concerned that Eminem had made a mistake by choosing this particular title, but honestly, this lives up well to the hype and is a worthy sequel based on his life now. I’m definitely buying the album on Tuesday.


    • Blue

      LEAK DAY IS THE OFFICIAL RELEASE DAy; NOWADAYS check ddamage dot org

  • Illmatical

    People seem to be forgetting that this is Eminem returning to the ideas and concepts on MMLP, not necessarily the production. And seeing as thats the goal, the idea is pulled off flawlessly.

  • Carlos Mythos Vazquez

    The deluxe edition has some HOT tracks

  • http://mediasportandotherrantings.blogspot.com/ gopolks

    when ever an album is leaked to the internet i think “PR Stunt”