Gracing the stage at the Barclay's Center earlier this week, Drake, although putting on a great show says the crowd's response is always unpredictable when it comes to New York. Telling that even people that hail from the empire state are not guaranteed a welcoming embrace, Drizzy says the first few minutes in NY are do or die.

"In the first 10-12 minutes it's up to you, you gotta fight to get New York," said Drake in an interview with Revolt. "You either have them or you don't. That goes for anybody, even guys that are from here. You get on that stage, you got a 10-15 minute window to win. And if you win in that 10-15 and you keep it going consistently, you're gonna have a great show."

Also adding that his personal touch is what he believes wins over the crowd in most cases, Drake is certain that each person leaves his show feeling closer to him. Leaving it all on the stage in each performance, he insists that concertgoers leave shows feeling like "I didn't just see Drake, I know Drake."

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