Drake Celebrates His Birthday In-Style

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    <strong>Although his official birthday happens to be today, Drake celebrated his 27th birthday last night in-style. Seeing as if Drake lives in the modern world of social media, the Champagne Papi chronicled his celebratory evening on Instagram. Click through to see Drake showing out in a glorious fashion on his 27th birthday.</strong>
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    <strong>Always remember to "take care" of your white suit on your birthday with a stylish pocket square and dramatic photo filters.</strong>
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    <strong>Rap Game Crockett & Tubbs return to Miami.</strong>
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    <strong> Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake... </strong>
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    Drake Born 10/24/1986
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    <strong> Tuscan Leather?! </strong>
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    <strong> His Whole Team Was Fuckin' Here </strong>
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    <strong> Oh hai, Future (And Miguel.) </strong>

[Via Instagram]

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