DOOM Shares The Stories Behind Ten Of His Best Verses

“Sofa King”
Album: The Mouse And The Mask (2005)

DOOM: It was handy to work with something that already existed in popular culture. It makes it—I wouldn’t say easier—but it’s a different kind of style. I like both styles, coming up with a whole new thing or picking something and doing the research. Both are challenging.

Usually I wasn’t up all night watching cartoons and shit until that project came into view. I had to really watch the shows and get the Adult Swim thing and get current references and see what the viewers of the shows liked. Get a feel for it. A lot of research was done in the form of having verses that were…I have a lot of ammo in my books. Pieces of rhymes stacking up. So it wasn’t hard to piece songs together.

The one thing that really made me do that project was basically because of the bread. It had nothing to do with the music really. I know [Danger Mouse] is a good dude, everybody got beats and shit, but what about the bread? He had a good strategy for getting the bread and we made bread, so that was a good thing. Other than that, I always know there’s gonna be something. I know there’s a certain level of talent where no matter what they do, they know what they doing.

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  • brism

    heard some madvillainy ‘extra’ stuff at a madlib show..excited is an understatement

  • BrianRaider

    Wow Thanks A lot Dan Jackson!!! Wow It’s Been About A Year Since The Last Doom Article! This Is Always Welcomed!!! I Even Got To See My Favorite Doom Verse Mentioned(That’s That!!) Whoa. You Guys Sure Know How To Brighten A Down Man’s Day!!! This Is Awesome! Wish He Was In The US I Would Love To See Him In Concert!!! I Really Appreciate This Post! I Will Add A Few Favorties That Arent Mentioned Above! Crosshairs-Man Cot Damn!!!, The New Bookfiend-The Clams Casino Version!!!, De La Soul’s Rock Co. Caine Flow, Figaro!!!,Rhymes Like Dimes-Surprised To Not See That Here. All In All This Is Dope!!! It Helped Me Out To See This!!! That’s Why I Fux Wit Y’all!!!

    • Young Melon

      thanks for capitalizing the first letter in each word. it adds a lot of importance to your comments.

      • awsome!

        I have to agree…. Makes the whole thing far more interesting and actualy legible

    • BC

      What was the last DOOM article?

      • BrianRaider

        It Was Here A Year Ago It Announced His JJ Doom Project & Had A Picture Of Doom With Some Cartiers On

  • Gorka

    So where are the stories?

    • MattRadich

      Hit next

  • ste

    always fascinating to hear from DOOM
    hes very mysterious

  • Nate Watson


  • wash your hands

    Doom’s remarks in this interview are completely incomprehensible.

    • Captain Spaulding

      Comprehension skills are your forte, eh? Nothing wrong with that.

  • teck

    Wonder what visa issues he has…I think he has dual citizenship anyway cos he was actually born in the UK. Well that ish doesn’t stop the man from dropping dope ass projects such as Key to the kuffs. can’t wait for his collabo with Bishop Nehru.

    • Dr Vogel

      honestly i’m no expert but it seems to me like he doesn’t have full citizenship in the US — he might have been staying here illegally idk

      • teck

        Damn, that would be insane though, remember he moved there as a kid. I guess that was the same/similar issue Slick Rick had a while ago.

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