One of a producer's biggest nightmares recently happened to DJ Quik. The rapper/beat maker recently had his limited edition AKAI MPC stolen. He took to his Twitter account Sunday (October 13) to reveal the theft and offer a reward for the drum machine's safe return. According to the Cali OG, the piece of equipment was swiped from a home in the Woodland Hills area of L.A. this past Friday (October 11). The AKAI LINN MPC-3000 is limited edition, only one of 1000 that were created, and customized by MPC guru Brice Forat. The "Justify My Thug" producer is willing to pay "top dollar" to get the MPC back, unmolested. A similar situation happened with Ryan Leslie when his laptop was stolen, in 2010. Unfortunately for him, he was ordered to pay the computer's finder the $1 million bounty he offered even though the files on the PC were too damaged to recover.

[via HHNM]