DJ Mustard’s Best Beats So Far

DJ Mustard Featured

You might not know his face or that giant bejeweled condiment that hangs from his neck, but DJ Mustard is one of the most in-demand producers out right now. The Los Angeles-bred beatsmith has crafted some of the hottest beats for the streets, the clubs, your ears, your cousin’s ears, whatever. It’s only been a few short years, but Mustard’s catalog is significant.

While much of his work exists with artists like Tyga, Young Jeezy, and most recently YG, DJ Mustard has created a signature sound for himself that every rapper wants on their albums. We’ve compiled 20 of DJ Mustard’s hottest beats. If you’re not familiar with Mustard, you’d better “ketchup.” Get it? Mustard on the beat, ho. –KI

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  • Thick Booty

    You call this producing? Sounds like a little kid that’s just started making beats. All of them sound the same and sounds very ELEMENTARY.

    • SupaDupa

      every producers beats sound the same… They’re PRODUCERS you idiot, not rappers. They don’t sell their product to the listeners they sell them to RAPPERS. And every rapper wants Rack City so it would be counterproductive for Mustard to not take advantage of that.

      maybe you should try producing, If these beats are elementary to you then you should be a millionaire in no time

  • PapaGUnit

    The best ones you guys forgot were You Broke and The Homie

  • BrianRaider

    Mustard On Da Beat Hoe!!! Hmmmm 1.Grindmode 2.Shirts By Versace 3.I’m Different 4..Like Me(Dom Kennedy!!) 5.Burn Rubber!!! 6. Mannnnnnnnnn Young Bro Got Dat Fire!!!!