DJ Khaled caught some flack for the song "I Feel Like Pac/I Feel Like Biggie" off his new album Suffering From Success, with some people seeing it as another senseless name drop used to capitalize off the two late rap legends' iconic status. Mase in particular may not have taken to kindly to his former labelmate's name being used. Khaled recently sat down for an interview with Life+Times and spoke about the backlash for the song that he sees as paying homage. "I feel like 'Pac. I feel like Biggie. We ain't say I am 'Pac or I am Biggie," said Khaled. "That's where you have to use your intelligence. Whoever's thinking that it's supposed to be a negative vibe, I'm confused 'cause I don't understand it. It's nothin' but love. Of course you have people talking this and that, but I think they misunderstand the energy. The energy is 'I Feel Like 'Pac/I Feel Like Biggie.' They the greatest ever. Nobody's better than them."

The We The Best boss went on to say the song was done strictly out of respect for adding that he thinks legends in the game should be saluted for all the stuff they go through to get to the top of their respective lanes. "Biggie told us 'Mo Money, 'Mo Problems,'" Khaled said. "Now when I look at anybody that's an icon or a legend in this game, I triple-respect them now. I look at Birdman, I gotta salute him. I look at Puff Daddy, I gotta salute him. Jay Z, a Biggie, a 'Pac, all the great ones, I extra-salute them more than I ever did because I know they had to go through a lot of bullshit because they was on top. When you climbin' that mountain, they root for you."

He added, "When you get to the top, it's a whole 'nother movie. That's why you have to respect the great ones, the ones that stay on top, because that ain't easy. It comes with a lot of bullshit. The great ones that survive all that and overcome all that are the best. We the fuckin' best."

Check out the entire interview, below.