According to Diddy, although he may be flattered by Forbes placing him at the number one spot  on the "Cash Kings 2013" list with a whooping $580 million dollars, the mogul  insists that he does not actually have that money in the bank.

"I actually don't have that money in the bank," said Diddy in an interview with Forbes . "They're saying that's how much I'm worth. So I don't have that money in the bank, I just want to be clear with that. If that pushes me down on the list then I'm fine with that."

As the chat continues, the Bad Boy head states that although he is proud and has came a long way from his roots in Harlem, NY, he maintains that his money does not define him. He goes on to mention that with his extensive bank account, he plans to shape future leaders and most importantly continue to care for his kids.