Daz Dillinger Accuses Makers Of GTAV Of Swiping Songs, Demands Recall


The uber popular video game Grand Theft Auto V has already made close to $2 billion in sales. Now, Daz Dillinger is demanding that all games be recalled if he doesn’t get his cut. The Dogg Pound rapper recently issued a cease and desist order to the makers of the game accusing Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive software of using his music without his consent, reports TMZ.

The songs in question are “C-Walk” and “Nothin’ But The Cavi Hit.” According to Daz’s lawyers, he was approached by the makers of the game about using the songs and offered $4,271.00 for both. He turned down the small sum only to later find out that the songs were used anyway. Now Daz is reportedly demanding more money, or that all games be recalled and all unsold copies to be trashed. The report states, Daz’s lawyer Kushner Carlson has given the record-breaking game’s makers two weeks comply or break off his client. More than 15 million copies of GTAV has already been purchased since the game’s release on September 17.

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  • Liam Neeson

    Get that money Daz!

  • HipHopHead999

    Get em Daz! Not only is what GTA’s makers an example of blatant disrespect, but also that is against the law to use an artist’s music without permission. Fuck that.

  • http://instagram.com/bskillz Bskillz

    Let’s just hope he even owns his own music. He is an old school rapper after all.

  • versal

    recall all you want .. im not giving back my gta v … fuuuuuucccckkkk dat

  • BigDane187

    smart move cus they know damn well they can’t recall that game now. they have to pay up, and 4k is not enough for those 2 banging tracks.

  • Bangfruit

    He won a $25 million verdict from Suge / Death Row. His business is clearly important to him.

    @bskillz:disqus Do your research. “…He is an old school rapper after all….” smh

    • http://instagram.com/bskillz Bskillz

      MY POINT EXACTLY^^^ The fact that he had to go to court proves how bad business was handled back in the day. SO yeah, since you did the research for me, make me a sandwich?

  • Komplicated Savage

    This is chess not checkers……i condone this shit. He’s well into his rights and they gone have to break him off regardless. 2 billion dollars in revenue and u offer a measly 4 grand per song? Everyone knows the soundtrack plays a BIG part the overall game experience in the GTA saga, so why not pay the artist what they deserve. KOMP

  • ThinkFactory Chaz

    “ex-member of the legendary Dogg Pound” DAZ is DPG President and Bigg A Vice President. Kurupt, Lady of Rage, RBX are all Pawns & Kokane was smart enough to leave. Snoop & Percy have disassociated themselves from DPG & pushing Doggysytle Records. DAZ & BIGG A ARE BURNING PEOPLE AROUND THE GLOBE. WHO CAN BELIEVE ROCKSTAR MADE GTA V WITHOUT APPROVAL (PAPER SIGNED + MONEY)