The upstate New York mansion Dame Dash went to court in May to try to save from losing has been abandoned by the Roc-A-Fella co-founder who left behind sprawled clothes, jewelry and drug paraphernalia, reports DailyMail.

Apparently Dash's plea with a judge for more time to save his home didn't result in any positive moves. According to court documents, he now owes $162,000 in back rent after missing numerous $15,000 a month rental payments. He has now given up, abandoning the Carmel digs. The home's landlord, Elad Yoran, claims the residence was left in a terrible state with the carpets tattered, clothes left on the floor throughout as well as things likes bongs, art and jewelry. Now Yoran is saying Dash also owes him for packing and placing his disregarded items in storage. Dame's lawyer Gregg Pinto countered Yoran's claims telling New York Post: "Elad Yoran reneged on a deal that he made and now wants to use bad press to gain leverage. Mr Dash is not scared and wants to let a judge decide."

As previously reported, Dame is also in trouble with the IRS who in July claimed Dame owed $2.8 million for unpaid taxes from 2005 and 2011. The Harlem entrepreneur reportedly owes $2,614,918.10 from 2005 and $187,544.20 from two years ago. In addition, his pockets have been picked by lawsuits from his various business dealings, including one brought by a bodyguard firm and fashion designer Charlotte Ronson. He also reportedly has a $237,078 outstanding loan.