Recently, two new posse cuts off DJ Khaled's forthcoming LP, Suffering From Success hit the 'Net. One of which, “I’m Still,” featured a chorus from Chris Brown. An unreleased verse, that might have been cut from the track, from the Virginia entertainer has now made its way to the public. During the leaked 16, Brown drops uncharacteristically gangster-personified lines like, “If I gotta pull the trigger Ima kill a nigga/I’ll even pay for the funeral arrangements.” But one line that folks are speculating references his old flame Rihanna has people talking. On the bars in question, Breezy spits "Don't give a f#ck my heart getting colder./Now every nigga in the industry done fucked my bitch, and all my niggas said 'I told you.'"

Check out CB’s unreleased verse, below.