Chief Keef’s New “That’s It” Video Co-Stars His iPhone

Chief Keef dropped the video for his new track “That’s It” today, which is largely comprised of him sitting on a staircase in what is presumably his house, talking into and waving around his iPhone. The two-plus minute track includes a lot of mumbling with the familiar refrain of “That’s It” ending up embedded subconsciously in your head, which means it follows a similar vein of Keef’s muddled-yet-impossibly-catchy formula. He’s dropped a couple videos since his recent Almighty So mixtape October 13, but this is his first since getting out of jail—again—less than a week ago. Check it out above.

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  • gomez

    Da fuck?!


    YO ….XXL…I STILL don’t understand these rappers ESPECIALLY CHIEF KEEF! Like, what’s the purpose of gettin money and still being a NOBODY in your occupation! He ain’t tryin to be king of rap, he ain’t challenging for the crown, he ain’t tryin to be the man in his town. He just a lil retard that got money but NO STATUS AMONGST RAPPERS


    Thank You :^)


    *among sorry, just in case some spelling bee niggas show up on this here blog lol


    S/o Gomez who said “Da Fuck?!” below. YOU BEAT ME TO IT KID!