In Chance The Rapper’s small career span, he has made a big name for himself. The popularity of his critically acclaimed mixtape Acid Rap has allowed the Chicago MC to travel the world on tour with Eminem, see his name on Billboard charts and even headline his own North American tour. According to Chance, appearing on a song with Lil Wayne has been his biggest accomplishment to date. “It’s my favorite accomplishment,” he recently told Sway on MTV’s Rapfix Live about his collaboration with Birdman Jr., "You Song." “It’s the biggest accomplishment I’ve made to date. Lil Wayne is probably the biggest reason I’m rapping and sitting here and doing what I do. I’m a huge Wayne fan, ‘til forever.”

The 20-year old rapper went on to reveal how the collaboration went down, saying Weezy people hit him up at the 11th hour for his contribution. “I had just gotten back from Europe doing the Eminem shows,” he explained. “Right when I got back in town I got a call from Pat my manager and he told me [Lil Wayne’s manager] Cortez said Wayne wants a song for Dedication 5 and we got one day to give it to him.”

Chance said Weezy put even more pressure on him when he announced via Twitter that he was holding the project. The 20-year-old rapper knew it was for his song and he had to come up with something dope. “I felt this immense amount of pressure on me to give the hottest Wayne song I could give," he added. "With about an hour of thought I realized that it only made sense to get my production team, the guys who did Acid Rap, Nate Fox, Peter Cottontail, Cam from J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League all in a room and just make a song from scratch. It came out to “You Song.”"

Check out the interview, below.