Cee-Lo doesn't know the meaning of the word stagnant. After dropping a Goodie Mob album, just finishing up a tenure performing in Vegas and beginning his return to his post as a judge on The Voice, the rap star's work never seems to be done. Lo recently stopped by Power 105.1 to chop it up with The Breakfast Club. While there, the Goodie Mob member spoke on a number of topics including Goodie Mob's latest effort and reality show, and whether he thinks Andre 3000 will ever return to rap. According Lo, Stacks could just be waiting for the right time for a proper return. "Maybe he is just waiting on the best product he see fit to better represent him," said the Lady Killer. "I'm sure at this point he has a gang of it. That even becomes a difficult process trying to sift through years and years worth of material." He continued, "I'm a fan of Outkast, so I would really like to hear more music."

That's the optimistic answer. But, Lo also added that it's not out of the question that we might never get another LP from Dre saying the reclusive rap star might be ready to call it quits to focus on his family and other things in his life. "When I talk to him, he's kind of feeling like he want to just move on from it, because the industry is so taxing," Lo added. "We all want to be the best fathers we can be and get a better balance of business and family and all of that...and I feel him."

Check out the entire interview where Lo talks his return to The Voice, the possible return of The Boondocks, his recent rape allegations and the BET Hip-Hop Awards, below.