Career Defining Albums Released By Rappers 32 And Over

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  • danny_13
  • career_14
    <h2>Common, <em>Be</em> (2005) </h2>
    Age: 33
  • career_17
    <h2>E-40, <em>My Ghetto Report Card</em> (2006) </h2>
    Age: 38
  • career_6
    <h2>Juvenile, <em>Reality Check</em> (2006)</h2>
    Age: 32
  • career_11
    <h2>Plies, <em>Definition of Real</em> (2008)</h2>
    Age: 32
  • mos_def_1
    <h2>Mos Def, <em>The Ecstatic</em> (2009)</h2>
    Age: 35
  • career_5
    <h2>Bun B, <em>Trill O.G.</em> (2010)</h2>
    Age: 37
  • career_9
    <h2>Big Boi, <em>Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty</em> (2010) </h2>
    Age: 35
  • career_10
    <h2>Rick Ross, <em>Teflon Don</em> (2010) </h2>
    Age: 34
  • career_12
    <h2>Tech N9ne, <em>All 6's And 7's</em> (2011) </h2>
    Age: 39
  • career_18
    <h2>Bad Meets Evil, <em>Hell: The Sequel</em> (2011) </h2>
    Age: Royce: 34, Eminem: 38
  • career_19
    <h2>Nas, <em>Life Is Good</em> (2012) </h2>
    Age: 39
  • career_8
    <h2>Game, <em>Jesus Piece</em> (2012) </h2>
    Age: 32
  • career_13
    <h2>2 Chainz, <em>Based On A T.R.U. Story (2012)</em></h2>
    Age: 35
  • career_7
    <h2>Ka, <em>The Night's Gambit</em> (2013)</h2>
    Age: 41
  • career_3
    <h2>Juicy J, <em>Stay Trippy</em>(2013)</h2>
    Age: 38
  • career_20
    <h2>Kanye West, <em>Yeezus</em> (2013) </h2>
    Age: 36
  • careers_1
    <h2>Danny Brown, <em>Old</em> (2013) </h2>
    Age: 32

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    How can you possibly say that Life Is Good is a career defining album for Nas? Pretty sure Illmatic defined his career pretty clearly.

    Also, My Name Is My Name hasn’t even been released yet. These XXL articles keep getting weaker by the day.

    • Eric Diep

      Life Is Good is career defining in the sense that its a step forward for him. You’re right about Pusha – just figured the album is streaming already so some people have access to it.

    • 2012Industry1

      Look at the title…it said 32 and up….the other half! Kanye is on here as well, and he has at least 2 other albums that’s career defining as well.

  • Cole Jones

    How did Kanye make this list? That album was fuckin horrible.

  • adam

    why is bad meets evil on here? they only released one album….