Bust A Cap: A Cypher Anyone Would Join



Can you come up with a funny quote? Place your caption in the “Comments” section below. The best caption will be announced today at 4 p.m. Happy captioning!

Winner: ”This weed is louder than my fifth studio album- Rihanna” by Trill O’Brien

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  • Xi

    Rihanna – “How much can this mother f***er smoke?!”

  • Trill O’Brien

    “This weed is louder than my fifth studio album” – Rihanna

  • Kidacc

    Rihanna thinking..

    “So glad I got my own blunt, You know damn well I ain’t hittin Snoop’s shit, you know he be fucking mad groupies.”

    Snoop thinking..

    “Damn.. Lucky I got my own blizzy… Ain’t no way i’m hitting Rihanna’s shit, she done slept with half the damn industry already… but you know I’d still smash if she let me… with a rubber of course.”

  • Dewy

    Be eazy on that its some real knock out Chris Brown type chronic

  • Nic Fel

    Booty nuggets….

  • 777onster

    I ain’t sharing with Snoop anymore, he puff, puff, passes his shit, but he hits your shit harder than Chris Brown.

  • jimbo_slice1

    As Rihanna thinks about her life and weeps, Snoop Doggy Lion Dogg Cherishes his weed and wonders who the whore next to him is.

  • Allen County

    Snoop “Here take the blunt; but don’t let errbody hit dat”

  • トラップの神々TRAP GODS

    No wonder Chris Brown in rehab

  • Yvette Alexander


  • Chris Howard

    Rihanna – Damn Snoop, this hits hard as hell. What is this?
    Snoop Lion – That’s that Chris Brown.

  • Kramer Deans

    “taste like roofies”

  • john

    this blunt hit hard like kimbo slice