Legendary Southern MC Bun B is expanding his portfolio. After recently starting Bun B’s Rap Coloring & Activity Book, the UGK member will be taking his talents to the Internet after helping launch a new food blog website. Located at YouGottaEatThis.com, Bun said his love for fine Houston cuisine was the inspiration behind the site. "We realize that people may talk different, walk different but everyone loves food," said Bun who started the site with Premium Pete of SneakerTube.TV. "We figured it would be a great place for people to come together over one common thread, food."

The site is interactive, meaning people can post photos of the food they have eaten all over the world and become a part of the action. As previously reported, Bun also recently announced he will be dropping the new album, The Epilogue, on November 12.

Check out Bun introducing the food site, below.