Bow Wow took things a bit further yesterday, inviting the Catfish participants who starred in the episode featuring him, on his TV series. Meeting Keyonna, his supposed love interest, and Dee Pimpin his impersonator, face to face.

"A lot of people thought I was going to be mad," Bow Wow said on 106 & Park. "I said, 'Nah, man. It's flattering because you have somebody that actually wants to be you. I remember being a kid, there was people I wanted to be like. Allen Iverson was my idol, still to this day. I wanted to be Allen Iverson."

Dee Pimpin, the aspiring rapper who posed as Bow Wow for over six months explained the situation, stating "Well, I looked up to you as a kid.  I was doing music too, so a lot of kids called me [Bow Wow] when I was younger because I had the afro and I was doing music at a young age. So, I kind of fell into your path and tried to walk your steps."

Keyonna, the girl who thought she was dating the rapper, still expressed a strong love for Bow Wow and seemed to now be at peace with it all. During the episode she even received $10,ooo as an effort of Dee Pimpin to further convince Keyonna that she was in fact Bow Wow.

Watch the clip above.