Chatting with DJ Skee on his talk show series, Big Sean spoke highly of his family and the values he was brought up with. Also speaking of the hardships he endured while on his conquest to fame, the rapper told how his family really had his back when things got rough,playing a key role in turning his life around.

"Of course you get in these situations when you go through periods of doubt," said Big Sean. "Periods where you don't know if sh*t is gonna work out, if it is or if it isn't. But that's just a test of your faith. It worked out but without those concepts [his mom] introduced to me, without those books I read out of desperation, out of being depressed, and tired of being broke, and tired of my dreams not working out; I read those books and it changed my whole way of thinking."

Continuing that his belief in himself was the main factor in him achieving success, Big Sean assuredly stated that if it wasn't for his mom gifting him with that knowledge, he does not know if he would be the superstar that he is today.