Action Bronson and Party Supplies' Blue Chips 2 is scheduled to be released this Friday, November 1. When the tracklist was leaked a few weeks back, it touted that an unnamed "legendary special guest" would be featured on the song "Rolling Thunder." It was speculated that the track's guest could have been anyone from Ghostface Killah to the Dalai Lama.

XXL spoke with Action Bronson and his producer Party Supplies today, and they revealed that the "legendary special guest" was supposed to be Harlem rapper Cam'ron. But Killa Cam was never officially locked down—"It was never concrete," Bronson said. "It was just pipe dreams."—and the appearance fell through. So instead, the pair substituted Action Bronson himself as the "legendary special guest."

"Unfortunately, I wanted to get Cam'ron in," Bronson said. "He was going to be the guest, but we kind of jumped the gun by writing that." Bronson had to think quickly when Cam didn't happen and ended up substituting himself in the guest slot. Bronson said he doesn't think he's reached legend status yet but that, "that is what [he's] going to be considered sooner or later."

Bronson and Party Supplies also revealed that after Blue Chips 2 is released, it will be the last in the popular mixtape series. However, they do plan on working together again, on a future "spin-off" collaboration.