Action Bronson knows how to keep secrets.

Earlier today, the 2013 XXL Freshmen revealed the tracklist to his next project Blue Chips 2. Him and Party Supplies make a great pair and we’re glad to see them working together again. The tracklist is 19 songs long, featuring usual guests in Bronson’s wheelhouse such as Meyhem Lauren, Ab-Soul and Mac Miller. However, its track number 16 that’s got everyone speculating who the “legendary special guest” is. Given Bronson’s a fan of wrestling and old school hip-hop, the featured appearance could be anybody.

So, we open it to the fans. Who do you think will be on “Rolling Thunder?” Is it any of these names that Bronson mentioned as his dream collaborators? Or are we going to see an unexpected twist? Let us know in the comments below.

1. Silverado
2. Introduction Feat. Big Body Bes
3. Pepe Lopez
4. The Don’s Cheek
5. It Concerns Me
6. Practice
7. Travolta & Jackson Feat. Meyhem Lauren
8. Through The Eyes Of A G Feat. Ab-Soul
9. Contemporary Man
10. Twin Peugeots Feat. Big Body Bes & Mac Miller
11. Man In The Mirror
12. Midget’s Cough
13. It’s Me
14. Flip Ya’ Feat. Retchy P
15. 9.24.13 Feat. Big Body Bes
16. Rolling Thunder Feat. Legendary Special Guest In Which We Can’t Disclose
17. Amadu Diablo
18. In The City Feat. Jeff Woods
19. I Adore You