For those unaware, October happens to be National Bullying Awareness Month in the United States. The campaign was founded in 2006 by PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center, an organization dedicated to raising awareness to the harmful effects that bullying can have on children. In recent times, the national media has begun to focus on the negative effects of so-called "bullying culture" and the ways that it can be prevented through raising awareness in the public.

While it's true that hip-hop seems to identify with the "bully" more than it does with the "bullied," often reveling in a hyper-macho culture that encourages hiding weakness, there have been a few rappers to open up about their experiences with bullies growing up. Like any segment of humanity, it's overwhelming likely that some people will have suffered from people trying to pick on them as a child. Here are seven rappers who have talked about their experiences with bullies.