Contrary to what many may believe, 50 Cent recently expressed that he is actually quite a strict father. Explaining that he has long instilled the values of a man in his son, the rapper affirms that his stern parenting has even caused his son to have a fear of him.

Speaking in an interview with the MTV Act Blog, the rapper dished on his 17 year-old son, stating,""He has, I don’t know if you should call it, a fear of me," 50 Cent said. "'Cause it’s like, his mother will traditionally say, 'You wait 'till your father finds out."

Further speaking on the extent of the fear, he continued that with his home regulations, 50 simply wants his son to be able to step up to the plate at times when he may not be around. "Well, you know what, in certain areas. I feel like I've always made him feel like he’s the man when I’m not around, so it’s his job to make sure everything’s alright, to take care of your mother, to not give her a hard time."

50 Cent has now taken his life commandments on to other kids now serving as a mentor on the new Sundance series Dream School. The mogul serves as an executive producer on the show, which follows 15 high school drop outs who are mentored by an array of professionals including Swizz Beatz.