50 Cent has been in the rap game for quite awhile, thus equipping him with the tools needed to tell when a rapper has grave potential. Stating that he rarely finds MCs that rap about true circumstances, the mogul is adamant that he will only buy it if he believes it.

While professing that he can actually spot an authentic spitter before they even opens their mouth, 50 Cent assured the rap game is lacking truth these day simply because it means nothing to the fans anymore."To this culture authenticity doesn't mean as much,"said 50. "Cause the person consuming it hasn't actually come from that lifestyle so they'll accept you doing it if it sounds good."

Amidst reflecting on the current trials of the rap game, 50 also took time to give praises to the authenticity of battle rappers. Giving props to Chicago rapper Big T in particular, he unveiled an admiration for the blooming MC's lyrics, making it known that he's watching and that he's indeed a fan of his.

Watch the Thisis50 interview above.