5 Frightening Moments In Hip-Hop


Khujo From Goodie Mob Loses His Leg

Tragedy struck on June 24, 2002 when Khujo was involved in a life threatening car accident resulting in the loss of his right leg. The rapper had his limb amputated below the knee due to the injuries he sustained in the collision.

When asked how the handicap affected him, the rapper responded, “I’d be like, “Damn, man, that’s kinda messed up, but shit, he gotta keep going.” I kinda put myself in that frame of mind. You out here, man, you wounded [and] it’s like a war. When you wounded in a war, you gotta patch that shit up and keep going and keep bussin’ as hard as you can”.

The group talks about the incident in the interview below. At the 6:45 Mark.

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  • mistah dubs

    missed the biggest and most obvious one the east coast west coast beef which resulted in Pac and Big getting killed and a huge peace summit for hip hop led by Mr. Farrakan cmon XXL

  • C’Mon Son

    How 2 Chainz being robbed is even close to equivalent towards being killed or losing a limb is beyond me.