20 Of The Most Arrogant Song Titles In Hip-Hop

“God’s Gift” – J. Cole

J. Cole’s certainly come a long way from his first album beginnings of being a rapper on the come up. Now we get “God’s Gift.” It’s like that now, Jermaine Cole? Well, he’s earned his stripes. God’s gift though? Hmmm.

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  • Tyler

    In the bible I forgot which verse but it says “You are all gods; Sons of the most high.” Pretty sure that was what I Am A God was supposed to mean considering he has 21 grammys.

  • mistah dubs

    real meaning of 3 kings 2 kings and one imposter aka officer ricky

  • theseus

    eminem is the G.O.A.T.

    • Tokyo Nomaku

      Since when?

      • Banks

        For about 15 years now. Catch up

        • icon kain

          Sorry but xxl just gave that tittle and an entire issues to that fact

        • Tokyo Nomaku

          That’s what he thinks he is. I am a fan, but I can not agree.

  • Zak Tobes

    Alley boy isn’t saying he’s everyones favorite rapper. He’s calling out peoples favorite rappers for being fake.

  • Anon

    The author of this just sounds like a whiney baby, there’s nothing wrong with these titles

  • dat_pancake

    this writer must’ve been in a bitchy mood to even think of this

  • BigDane187

    So Dr, Dre isn’t a king in the rap game because he hasn’t dropped Detox. You must have forgot about Dre.

  • http://mikevo.wordpress.com/ Mike Van Orden

    With ‘Rap God’ Eminem has fun with the concept. Even when Eminem is bragging he tempers it with enough self-deprecation or wit that we know he’s not being a blow hard or egomaniacal. Most other rappers get corny with how highly they think of themselves.