15 ‘Sway In The Morning’ Freestyles You Gotta Check Out

Don Trip
Choice Line: “In this crazy world we’re about to bring a seed in/In this cold, cruel word I am not freezin’”

Choice Line: “I rhyme with no hair coming off the top of the head/My man had dreads/Cut ‘em a while ago”

Choice Line: “I’m the rebirth of an era who made it if they were great/Only if they were great, Sway”

Talib Kweli
Choice Line: “Scavengers feasting on the dead like a vulture/Snacking, how you keeping up with my rapping?/You barely keeping up with Kardashians”

Choice Line: “25 years in the rap game surviving/The revolution may not even be televised but I guaranteed you I televised it”

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  • andre

    i cant believe you dont have brother ali or mistah F.A.B. they had the best freestyles by far

    • ConsciousMind

      Mistah Fab had a nice ass flow and I salute him for actually freestyling, Los had the best one though lol

  • ConsciousMind

    Good looks on the Los freestyle, he killed it

  • SwisherSweEtBOy

    AY the q freestyle made it!

  • vanchi

    lil snupe was a fucking beast r.i.p

  • disqus_YlIJmmnmwg


  • ItIsWhatItis

    Sleepin’ on R-mean, Wake the fuck up. Had a RAW ass frestyle.

  • Jeffery

    What about childish gambino or papoose?