15 Of The Best DJ Quik Songs


DJ Quik is one of the greatest rapper/producers that Los Angeles has ever produced. It’s a tradition that has produced Madlib, Daz Dillinger The Alchemist and Dr. Dre. Thus, it came as a complete shock yesterday when Quik announced on Twitter that he was selling his production equipment and calling it quits for the foreseeable future.

While XXL would very much like Quik to recant his stance and return to making music, we would still like to congratulate Quik on one of the most fruitful careers in hip-hop history. In celebration of his retirement, XXL is looking back at 15 of his best songs that showcase how special a talent he was.

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  • robert

    pitch in on a party bro xD?

  • BrianRaider

    Muthafuckin B.J.!!!! Wow!! This Is… Great!!! Now My Favorites Of Mr.Blake Are So Plural Some Are Not Mentioned But You Did Your Thang My Nigga! A Quik Article That Is Accurate On XXLmag Is Big Business. Another Publication Had The Audacity To Give Balance & Options 3 Mics… What The Fuck!!!!????????????!!! Anyways Quik Is One The Greatest Musicians Ever!!! A Good Word To Describe Quik Is… An Originator!!! I Am An MC!!! When Quik Released His 1st LP I Was Playing With GI Joes. Music Hadn’t Taken Over My Life Yet… My 1st Quik LP Was Safe & Sound. Even Then I Was Still A Child! I Specifically Remember Playing Super Mario Go-Kart On SNES While Playing The Tape. I Was 12 Years Old Man!!! I Used To Love Summer Breeze!!! As I Grew Into A Man So Did His Music!!! & He Was Great When He Started. Even When He Doesn’t Say A Word He’s So Charismatic On The Boards. You Talk About Music That Will Get A Woman Wet!!! Play Some DJ Quik!!! Niggas Know!!!! He Make Dat “Fly Nigga Shit!!!” Case In Point My Favorite Song Of DJ Quik Is “One On One!!!” One On One Is Pure Ecstasy No Fuck That One On One Is Molly Uncut MDMA!!!! That’s What X Sounds Like. The Man Made A Beat With Thee El Debarge Singing As The Melody!!! Who Would Think To Do That? DJ QUIK!!! Way Before Game Came Out Making All These Other People Claim Blood, Quik Was A Certified Tree Top Piru!!! Man Cot Damn!!! BJ Thank You. I’m On My Way To Twitter To Pay My Respects!!!

  • ZiNo

    I can only imagine what he’s been going through as of late (wont speak/type on it); Yo Quik, if you reading this, I’ve been bumping your music since I was in my single digits lol, we as a people that know better are riding with you through your trials and tribz…
    You’re one of the best to ever do it, nuff said…

    • KE

      poor list imo as a huge quik fan.

      • ZiNo


  • dilla

    no “Get Down?” a song that’s played at EVERY picnic/family reunion????