Drake recently sat down with Jian Ghomeshi on CBC’s and discussed a number of topics. He had some very epic and incredible quotes from this interview that shouldn’t go unnoticed. So XXL compiled a list of his best quotes.

On his music:

“There is another evolution for Drake after this, definitely”


On his writing process:

“Sometimes I’m working and sometimes I’m just waiting. I write about my life, I don’t write stories. A lot of classic rap is storytelling but its storytelling about something else, fictional stories sometime. I can’t do that; I have to write about my life. Sometimes in order to complete a verse the way I want to, or to finish a second verse on a song when I already done the first one, I have to allow myself to either live a portion of life that I haven’t lived yet or something has to set in when it does take a week, two weeks, three weeks.”


On his quickness in making big records:

“A lot of my hit songs are written in a very short period of time. “Hold On, We’re Going Home” I felt like we finished that in two hours”

On his resentment for being labeled emotional:

“I’m so sick of people saying that I’m like lonely and emotional or associated me for like longing for a women. I hate that, it bother me so much because—I do make music that makes you feel something but I just don’t, I’m actually not that guy in real life, I’m really happy”


On confrontation:

“A lot of people, talk that talk, and just do it because that’s what hip-hop is about”


On Competition in rap:

“I think that, there’s something to be said that everybody wants to be the guy with the juice, everybody wants to be the best.”


On his two different sides:

“I’m just a human being that’s willing to show you that I’m human. I don’t know if it’s a paradox or some rare character trait, its just that a lot of people will only show you their confidence side in their music because the vulnerable side, they don’t want to go there, I’m ok with going their, that to me is supreme confidence”


On childhood interactions growing up:

“Girls are just mean, they’re just mean. They’re mean people when they’re young”


On meeting Noah "40" Shebib:

“and with music, thank god I found 40 and we became the most self-contained operation, you can possible ask for”


On exposing his relationship with women on wax:

“I’m very careful with that. You use a word there, “exposed.” I never want it to feel like “exposed” because I don’t do it with malicious intent and “exposed” feels malicious to me. There’s no malice involved. It’s stories that I feel the need to tell for my own soul and for other people to sort of, again, draw parallels with me. As far as the people go, you know, I always double-check. I always try to send the song and be like ‘Yo. I just want to make sure that this isn’t too much.” And then sometimes like on this record, it’s not too much until it’s out, which is tough for people. It gets bigger than any of us can imagine sometimes and that’s what happened.”


On being the voice of a generation:

“I hate the gist of living your life and telling everybody personal details about yourself on social media.”

On Canada’s Acceptance Of Him As A Rapper:

“It took U.S. acceptance to create Canadian pride. I think that to break down those doors to start being mentioned with some names, it almost became surreal for me and for a lot of people I knew from home and I remember just coming home with my initial Lil Wayne verses that I had on some of the first songs I’ve ever done and I was blowing people away. They didn’t understand it. They’ve never seen anything like that before.”

“I hate when a publication described me like or described OVO Fest as an ego-driven festival. I just thought like “Wow.” I mean like it’s the most selfless… I make no money that night. I spend all my money on all these acts.


On Becoming The New Toronto Raptors Ambassador:

“I’d rather revamp the team. I want to put my input into the building. I wanna make it more exciting.  I want to make it more fanatic. I want the energy that, you know, that I see when I talked about college sports.”


On What Money Means To Him:

“Less than the dollar value. It’s just more about the idea of growth and a business mind-set. 25 Million at the time seemed crazy to me but when you start becoming a headlining touring act and brands want to get involved with you and you can go do private events and what not, you’re capable of making it.”