October happens to be LGBT History Month in the United States. It is a month-long observance of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender history and the continued struggle LGBT people face in attaining true equality in this country.

It is no secret that hip-hop does not exactly have a sterling reputation when it comes to supporting gay rights in the country. After years of perceived homophobia in the hip-hop community and a lack of visible LGBT rappers out in the public, hip-hop has gained a reputation for homophobia that has not been able to shake. While other genres have been known to engage in homophobia too, rap music seems to receive a disproportionate amount of the public ire when it comes to press about the genre's perceived homophobia.

While some of the negative press is definitely earned by members of the rap community, more and more members of hip-hop have come out in support of LGBT rights and issues in the last few years as the general tide of public opinions warms to issues of gay rights in the country.

In observance of LGBT History Month, XXL wants to highlight the members of hip-hop who have come out in support of gay rights in recent years with their comments and music.