We've all had those days when we wanted to quit our job in some spectacular way, speaking truth to power in a righteous and glorious manner.  Most of us give our two weeks in a polite email and then quietly exit with little fanfare. Video editor Marina Schifrin is not like most people as she chose to her exit her job at Taiwanese animator Next Media Animation in incredible fashion.

Using her skills as videographer, Schifrin shot a video of herself dancing around her employer's office at 4 A.M. to the sounds of Kanye West's "Gone," while she lays her grievances out, written in subtitles, against her company.

''I work for an awesome company that produces news video." she writes. "For almost two years I've sacrificed my time, energy and relationships for this job, and my boss only cares about quantity and how many views each video gets."

To further explain her situation, Schfrin took to her personal blog where she wrote 1,500-word entry detailing her reasons for leaving the company that she titled "Journalism is Dead (To Me)."

[Via Daily Mail]