The Black Eyed Peas rapper,, is countersuing producer Pharrell Williams in a suit over the usage of "I AM" in Pharrell's new "I AM OTHER" YouTube channel.

In June, filed a copyright claim and fired a cease-and-desist letter , demanding that Pharrell stop using "I AM,"  a phrase that claims to have copyrighted. A few days later, Pharrell filed a lawsuit against to prevent the Black-Eyed Peas rapper from blocking his YouTube channel.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, is claiming that this is a pattern with Pharrell and that he has copied several others in the past. The documents reportedly uses Pharrell's work as co-founder of Star Trak Entertainment as example along with  Pharrell's attempt to register a trademark for Pink Slime, which the Black Eyed Peas rapper claims is similar to Mattel's Slime.

[Via TMZ]