It's always a treat when Canadian music expert Nardwuar interviews a rapper—check out his sit-down with Fabolous—and his recent conversation with Trina, the self-proclaimed "Baddest Bitch," is no exception. Making a stop in Vancouver, Trina met up with Nardwuar backstage at a show and she was quickly presented with a variety of gifts, as is the custom whenever Nardwaur does an interview. Touching on her time growing up in Miami, Nardwuar gave Trina records from Florida rap icons like Clay D, Blowfly and more.

The interview also finds the rapper touching on her time working in customer service for AT&T. "I hated that job," she says in the clip. "I hated working for AT&T. I hated calling people's phones and trying to get them to switch over to AT&T. It was the worst job ever." Check out the full clip above.

[via Nah Right]