After the sheer amount of craziness that occurred last week, it was likely that world of hip-hop was going to significantly calm down this week. While there were no shootings, no meltdowns on Twitter or world famous DJs admitting their sexual dalliances, a few things happened this week that made the news. Young Money rapper, Mack Maine, was officially charged with sexual assault of a female fan on a tour bus, DMX is apparently in a tough financial spot and Ja Rule admitted that he lost his famous feud to 50 Cent on Hot 97 this week.

These are this week's top headlines...

1. Mack Maine Charged With Sexual Battery Assault

2. DMX Is Down To His Last Fifty Dollars

3. Ja Rule Admits He Lost Feud With 50 Cent

4. Fight Breaks Out At Drake’s New York Pop-Up Store

5. Tupac Biopic Will Begin Production Next Year

6. Young Buck Skates $171,000 Debt To 50 Cent In Bankruptcy Case

7. Snoop Dogg Wins Pound Of Weed Betting On Floyd Mayweather Jr.

8. Murder Of Greek Rapper Causes Riots Overseas