The Top 15 Rap Crew Chains Of All-Time

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  • fat-joe-terror-squad-1
    15. Terror Squad
    Terror Squad's glittering "TS" chain was a signature could be seen on artists such as Fat Joe, Remy Ma and DJ Khaled.
  • yungla
    14. Pimp $quad Click
    The signature chain of T.I.'s P$C crew was a chain that truly stood out for it's boldness.
  • paulwall
    13. Swisha House
    Swisha House artists are known for their love of diamond jewelry. Thus, they needed a bold chain to match.
  • tyga
    12. Young Money Records
    Highly influenced by the iconic logo of the New York Yankees, the Young Money chain features one of the most recognizable pendants in hip-hop today.
  • bun-b
    11. Rap-A-Lot Records
    As one of hip-hop's most legendary and successful labels in history, Rap-A-Lot artists sported a pendant featuring the label's logo to let people know you are associated with the best.
  • BigScoob-01-big
    10. Strange Music
    Strange Music has one of the most unique pendants of all-time. The label's trademark snake and bat logo have been sported by Tech N9ne and company for years.
  • DMX-Ruff-Ryders
    9. Ruff Ryders Entertainment
    The "R" of Ruff Ryders was as simple as it was effective.
  • lilwayne-3
  • JuelzSantanarushv4aH1
    7. Dipset
    Fly and flashy, the winged eagle Dipset pendant served as a calling card for the famed New York hip-hop clique.
  • gucci-mane-marquee
    6. 1017 Brick Squad
    While they recently dissolved in the wake of Gucci's metldown on Twitter, 1017 Brick Squad sported some of hip-hop's most creative pendants.
  • 0700_master_p_a
    5. No Limit Records
    As ubiquitous as their famous Pen & Pixel covers, the No Limit pendant was seen on stars such as Master P, Silkk the Shocker and Snoop Dogg during the label's dominance of the 1990s.
  • MeekMillChain
    4. Maybach Music Group
    Brash, bold and as a big as they come, the MMG pendant matches the out-sized personality of label founder, Rick Ross.
  • 50cent_performing
    3. G-Unit
    One of the most recognizable chains of all-time, the G-Unit spinner was one of the most iconic pieces of crew jewelry, ever. Plus, it literally spins.
  • tupac-1
    2. Death Row Records
    Few chains are as iconic as Death Row Records'. This chain was worn by many of Death Row's iconic roster including Tupac, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and label founder, Suge Knight.
  • rocafella-chain
    1. Roc-A-Fella Records
    Elegant and simple. The Roc-A-Fella chain was a symbol of the Dynasty and one of the most coveted chains, ever.

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  • Stranger

    #10 is gonna be a problem for me “Baring the label’s Dragon logo,” ALL HAIL THE SNAKE AND BAT

  • Nick P

    I don’t have a problem with the chains listed, as all of the classic squad pieces are accounted for, but really? 1017 Brick Squad at number 6 over the likes of Ruff Ryders, Cash Money and Dipset? C’mon son. Those logos and chains are ICONIC. They were so recognizable in the 90′s and early 2000′s that every kiosk in the mall sold knock off versions and people bought that shit like it was Apple stock. If I saw those 1017 chains without that photo I’d have no clue who the hell they belonged to.

  • C’mon Son

    LOL @ Strange Music “Dragon logo”. Let me google that for you.

  • fosterakahunter

    #7 That’s not the Dipset pendant. That was Santana’s “A” tag outfitted with wings.

  • Aaron

    No excuse for roc to be over Death Row! Death Row has the most famous symbol of all labels and was the premier label during raps best years. Can you jay’s dick out of your mouth XXL and be a lil unbiased.

  • ShameOnYourFace

    Who the hell wrote this?! Do your research if your going to be a journalist…