It all started innocently enough. On Monday afternoon (September 23), BBC Radio 1 posted the first installment of British radio DJ Zane Lowe's four-part interview with rapper Kanye West on the web. The interview featured Kanye being candid about a variety of subjects regarding his music and his life, expressed in a manner that was colorful and lively. The video became an instant viral success as various media outlets picked up on the story and covered Kanye's eminently quotable experience.

The next evening, September 24, late-night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live, hosted by comedian Jimmy Kimmel, aired a spoof of the video, featuring two child actors in the roles of West and Lowe. After the spoof, the video made the rounds on the internet Wednesday afternoon where it circulated to various media outlets, including XXL.

As anybody who has watched the famous "Fishsticks" episode of Comedy Central's South Park knows, Yeezy has trouble taking a joke at his expense. Two days after Kimmel's spoof of Kanye's BBC interview aired on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday night, Kanye took to Twitter to angrily air his grievances against the late-night comedian.

For those that have not seen South Park, his real-life situation resembled the plot of the 2009 "Fishsticks" episode where the show satirizes Kanye for seemingly not understanding how jokes are supposed to work. The episode featured one of the show's characters spawning a joke at Kanye's expense that Kanye does not understand and the fictional Kanye goes on a rampage across the country. Kanye's rant about Kimmel's joking video seemed to mirror his fictional South Park character's overly serious attitude towards a comedian's mockery. A fictionalized Jimmy Kimmel even appears in that particular episode, too.

Today, XXL has put together a timeline of the last week's events since the release of the original BBC interview with Kanye through 'Ye's Twitter Meltdown on Thursday evening.