Curtis Snow, the subject of the gritty 2012 pseudo documentary, Snow on tha Bluff, is back with a new hustle. Today, the drug war veteran announces the release of his autobiography entitled, My Name Is Curtis Snow and I'm A G. Snow on the Bluff, directed by Damon Russell, captured the eyes of urban film fans with its authentic depiction of real life D-boy, Curtis Snow's exploits in Atlanta's rough and tumble neighborhood, The Bluff. So much so that Michael K. Williams (HBO’s The Wire and Boardwalk Empire) stepped in to executive produce the project for its release to the public.

According to the book's press release, it will provide all the rawness of the film and more.

"Snow introduces a new definition of the “hood” term “G” as a “genius” instead of gangster, referencing the fact that he and others like him couldn’t have made it through their tough upbringing without creative brain power. “I know people will be able to relate to what I went through when they read my book. It’s going to make you feel something…you’ll get mad, you’ll laugh, you may cry. But everything is true,” says Snow. In the book, the new author also mentions how his film deal for “Snow on tha Bluff” was a tough learning experience and how he’s been taken advantage of since the movie was released."

The book is co-written by former XXL scribe Calvin Stovall and published by Over The Edge Books in association with Shalimar Media Group. It can be purchased HERE or at your local Barnes & Nobles.