Snoop Lion believes in bringing people together in a time of dire need.

Last weekend, a six-year-old girl was fatally shot. To help cover the costs, Snoop announced he would be donating money. Game has also expressed his concerns by pitching in $10,000 to pay for funeral bills for six-year-old Tiana Ricks.

Ricks was shot and killed by two men who opened fire at her family’s Moreno Valley home. Snoop released a statement, saying, "Little 6-year-old girls are not supposed to die from a gunshot. But it keeps happening ... Too many tears are being shed, too many young lives are being cut short. We need to come together to change this."

He added, "Beautiful Tiana loved to play the piano -- she had a whole life ahead of her which she should have been filled with love and music."

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