Nicki Minaj Is Focusing On Recording Her Third Album Due Next Year


Nicki Minaj has a whole lot on her plate right now, but the biggest thing she’s working on is her third album, she told E! Online this week. Speaking while on a promo run for her new Minajesty perfume, the richest woman in hip-hop said that her decision to step back from her American Idol judging gig came from her desire to spend more time on her music.

“My heart is in my music and I had to step back and go have different experiences so that I could write my third album,” she said in a sitdown with the site. “That’s the most important thing in my life right now, is just beginning the third album. And that’ll be out in 2014.”

With Nicki’s myriad promotions and endorsement deals—not to mention The Other Woman, the movie she’s working on with director Nick Cassavetes as well as co-stars Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton—have kept her more than busy since the release of her 2012 album Pink Friday: Roman ReloadedShe was also captured in an Instagram in the studio with Mike WiLL Made It and Miley Cyrus, prompting E! to ask if the two twerkers made music together.

“I didn’t make any music with Miley,” she said. “There was a song that was a possibility but it didn’t work out.”

We’ll update with more details on Nicki’s album as they become available.

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  • BrianRaider

    Well Besides The Fact I Adore Her & Am Biased Towards Her, And The Fact That Her Image Has Become Colossal, & She’s #4 On The Forbes List. Besides All That The Music Has Been There. When She Puts Effort Into It, Even At Times When She Doesn’t The Music Comes Out Dope!!! People Have Kinda Counted Her Out A Lil Bit When The Re-Up Didn’t Sell As Expected. But I’m Not A Fair-Weather Type Nigga! The Fact That She Is About To Sit Down, Take Her Time, & Make New Records Is Great! I Assume The Next LP Will Be Greater Than The Last. I Adore Onicka!!! Whatchu Say Khaled?!? I Wanna Be With Her!!!

    • Peso

      Damn, guess I don’t have to reply now because you took all the words out my mouth. They lucky I’m not in the rap game/entertainment industry because I’d take a b-line straight towards Nicki, RiRi and my first true love Mya. Only thing is I hope Nicki keep them Pop songs to a minimum and get back to those bars when she was hungry on them early mixtapes. Even if the album is all Pop I still wouldn’t care in the end because she’s the baddest bit*h…sorry Trina
      Only female ever on Forbes, enough said…

    • P.A.P.I.

      Stop kissing her ass unless your doing it literally and Why Do You Type Like This?